Hook Point


The sides of a traditional conical hook are ground to form a triangle sword blade, reducing piercing resistance, enhancing hook penetration, wear resistance and bending resistance of the point. The hook structure results lighter, allowing for the reinforcement of the most stressed parts of the hook through the application of some additional material. The HG technology enables the hook point to reach unprecedented levels of penetration.

Cutting Blade

The design concept of the Cutting Blade point derives from the sharp teeth of a shark. These points are mainly seen on the medium/heavy treble hooks on the market. When facing giants, Cutting Blade points can penetrate hard jaw bone with ease allowing anglers to conquer the fishing field.

Cutting DELTA

The design concepts of the Cutting Delta point originate from the formation of a military sword. Delta Point hooks have razor sharp tips with leading edges designed to reduce surface contact area. Such technology-obtained through cold forging–enhances the penetration performance of the hook point and the strength of the structure.


The design of the CP hookpoint resembles that of an inverted T, greatly increasing the penetration performance thanks to the sharp edges of the two sides that can pierce through the hardest mouths. The central edge reinforces the structure, providing long-lasting performance even after several hook ups and when dealing with stony bottoms.

A quick look at how cutting blade hooks are made:

Hook Coating


The coating enhances the penetration ability of the hook by its extremely low friction capabilities. In practical testing it can penetrate fish’s mouth with a little bit of power, however due to its low coefficient of friction, the adherence of the bait on the hook is not optimal. Although Super-Slide is somewhat corrosion resistant, it is best used on single hooks and trebles for freshwater application.


In 2014, BKK launched this antirust coating technology, its hardness and salt corrosion resistance is superior to all, and is the crown of all current plating coating. Storage: Keep hooks with Ultra-Antirust coating away from items made of lead.


With a silvery white metal gloss finish, the high hardness performance increases the abrasion resistance of the hook point, however the salt corrosion resistance is not optimal, therefore these are best suited for fresh water fishing.


With a black metal gloss finish, the high hardness performance can increase abrasion resistance of the hook point. Black Nickel finish has a stealth look, and salt corrosion resistance is better than that of nickel. It is suitable for salt water single hooks and freshwater treble hooks.


With a smooth pure matte tin layer, this finish has an elegant appearance which will help the most vigilant fish still bite. High corrosion resistance to salt water, it is suitable for salt water hooks.


Encompassing a shining and smooth pure tin layer, elegant with high corrosion resistance to salt water. The light reflection of this shining layer can attract fish to bite in some situations, most suitable for saltwater hooks.

Hook Eye & Spade


The groove of the U-Spade is obtained by cold forging. It accommodates the line firmly in the U-shaped groove, which increases the stress resistance and strength of the hook.


A groove along the back of the hook shank keeps the line securely in place and reduces the risk of loosening, thus minimizing line stress and maximizing hook performance.


The process involves grinding the end of the shank before bending into shape and welding it together. The result is a hook eye that is sufficiently wide in diameter. Super strong and with a slim profile that makes attaching split rings a breeze.


Innovative technology, using fine grinding before a cold forging process which reduce the ring to as minimal as possible while not reducing its inner diameter. This whole process makes it simple to attach split rings on hooks.


Hooks produced from imported high carbon steel BKK-81WV to achieve a high level of strength and elasticity. Chemically sharpened to obtain sticky sharp points and electroplated with imported alloys, this represents the highest standard that only BKK can achieve.